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Hi, my name is John Anderson.

Since 2001, I have been involved in real estate as an agent, a broker, a home renovator and finally, a home improvement salesman. After working in sales for almost 6 years, I had my “light bulb” moment. I can do this better!

My business model is simple:

• Sell the best products at a great price. My vinyl window is the “Cadillac” of the industry and my windows are simply awesome!
• Partner with great technicians so my installations are always the best possible result.
• I manage all my own projects. This is my promise to you: I will personally follow your job all the way through, from the initial design, order, delivery, installation to final inspection. I will be your personal project manager. I call it your peace of mind guarantee!
• Many window, door and siding products come with transferable lifetime warranties. Call for details.

Our Windows

Each of the replacement windows is designed and fabricated with precision and integrity to ensure that every customer receives the high quality windows they want and expect. The goal is to ensure you make an addition to your home that will add value and satisfaction for years to come.

The entire collection of replacement windows provides a breath of options for any project. With the flexibility to select from double-hungs, double-sliders, casements, awnings, bays and bows, and basements, homeowners are able to customize their home to be uniquely theirs.

Every window features a warm-edge spacer system that maximizes energy efficiency and improves seal performance of the insulated glass units, Welded multi-chambered frames and sashes for superior strength and energy efficiency, and heavy duty weather stripping for protection against rain, wind, dust and noise. Every window meets Energy Star requirements in all zones with little to no upgrades,


Double-Hung Window

Our 1650 replacement double-hung window features superior (photo) styling, handcrafted quality, and long-term performance. Aesthetically beveled sashes and eight exterior color options complement energy-efficient design options such as insulated dual-pane glass and heavy-duty weather stripping to help set our 1650 double-hung replacement windows apart. These advanced engineering and aesthetic details that go into every 1650 double-hung make it the ideal replacement window for those who want a beautiful and classic appearance.


Two Lite Slider Window

The 1685 vinyl double-slider replacement window offers superio (photo) styling and handcrafted quality with features like beveled exterior edges, integral pull rails, interlocking sashes to reduce air infiltration, dual adjustable roller system for easy operation and dual-opposing locks for a stronger, safer seal. Available in two and three-lite configurations, our 1685 double-slider’s slim profile, and beautiful and innovative design, offers large viewing areas, clean, continuous lines, and an unobstructed outlook that is an Ideal choice for nearly for nearly any room in your home.


Casement Window

The 1675 casement replacement window offers superior styling (photo) and handcrafted quality with features like beveled exterior edges, multipoint locking hardware and a 90°hinge capability providing maximum ventilation and air flow. A closer look reveals energy-efficient features including triple-point weather stripping, dual-pane insulating glass, and a multi-chambered frame. Offering a large viewing area, clean, continuous lines, and an unobstructed outlook, our 1675 casement provides a welcome design that adds elegance as well as energy efficiency to your home.


Awning Window

The 1665 awning replacement window provides superior style and (photo) handcrafted quality with features like beveled exterior edges multipoint locking hardware creating a tighter, safer seal and triple weather stripping for enhanced thermal performance. The clean, continuous lines and unique outward hinge of our awning window provide unobstructed views and allow fresh air in even on rainy days, making it the perfect way to add a transitional feel addition to your home.


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows, with their smooth lines, add beauty and (photo) architectural interest to any room, while expanding your outside view. They make any room feel more spacious and add an airy

addition to your home. Bay and bow windows also provide curb appeal by adding dimension to a flat exterior wall.


Basement Hopper

The 1695 basement window offers traditional styling and dependable performance. With an inward tilting operation, our (photo) 1695 basement window allows air into the home and provides an access point in cases of emergency. Heavy duty handles provide years of worry-free operation.


Lifestyle Photos

Sweet!!! Sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.

"Grids" or "Grilles" are between the energy efficient double or triple pane insulated glass.


Patio Door, two single casements and a three Lite Slider. The middle picture window is stationary and the end windows glide open towards the middle.

This classic combination has a picture window flanked by two double hung windows.

Completed Projects